We've done streaming players before, but I wanted to give a fresh shout-out for this one for one reason. It seems to be the only one out there in which the 'main four' services (for my purposes) are all accessible under one roof. NowTV, Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

I'm sure that other people have other needs, but for me, it saves having various boxes all over the place doing one (or some) service(s) and this way you get one remote control and don't have to fiddle about with ChromeCasts and phone screens to control content and playback.

There are some annoying already-downloaded apps in the Main Menu, but they can easily be Uninstalled. You also get access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All4 etc.

It must also be noted that this is a casual streaming solution, not a downloading one. If you want/need to download stuff for later viewing, you'll need to look elsewhere and re-fragment your choices. But for what it is, it fits the bill nicely, it's tiny, can be powered by a TV-USB socket and comes with an HDMI cable, all for £30. Recommended.
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