I know that last autumn we spoke about spider repellents, led by +Simon Nobs​ but I thought I'd give a long-term view of the one I landed with and which actually seems to work very well. And it all seems to be down to peppermint! Yes, you read that right. It's insect-friendly as it just lays down a film of stuff that spiders just, well, don't like - so they clear off somewhere else!

As I say, it does genuinely seem to work sprayed down now and then around the areas you know they like. I saw a spider recently breaking through my defences and I sprayed some of this directly on it and it scampered away! Probably not the kindest thing to do but seemed to confirm that they really don't like this peppermint stuff. Of course, when you've got shot of the spiders, you'll need to deal with the flies instead!

So recommended. Clearly the really insect-friendly way of doing it would be to politely offer your resident spider a polo mint! 1L for £6 on AmazonUK (
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