That's it! I've come to realise that notifications for anything but phone calls and SMS (and maybe even not those, at times) are guilty, guilty, guilty of making me a slave to my tech devices' whims and at the beck and call of social media and news. They call - and whatever I'm doing, I actively drop it and look to see what 'important' notification or bulletin that I'm missing.

But most of the problem here is audible and vibration. It's fine to have notifications waiting there visibly for the next time I want to look at my tech device's screen, but it's the sound and vibration which demands my immediate attention.

Well, no more! Can't we will look at our devices and communicate and respond when we want to, not when it's demanded of us? This plan would ensure that one can do other stuff without interruption and enjoy a life outside of shallow tech-crap and social media!

I've probably brought this on myself by not realising what's important and what stands as a priority in life. I've been guilty of being so 'wow'd' by tech and alleged progress that I'm a slave to notifications. But no more! I know, I've said this before, and have extolled the virtues of amazing notifications and alerts systems - to always be in touch and know what's going on - but I've changed priorities now and will try hard to take a step back this time and stick to it!

And the first stage of that is turning off audible alerts and vibrations for every single social media alert that comes in. Read it when you're free! Fingers crossed!
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