( be fair, two of them from Amazon were broken!)
Now in setup. Ordered from Motorola (on the back of proceeds of recent phone sales) and shipped directly SIM Free from China. Funny thing is that it's Dual SIM and MicroSD Card slot available. None of the others I bought from Amazon were so. It's an absolute bonus for me with my OffGrid plans, so nice surprise.
The device, unlike the Z is substantially sized, proportions seem right - not too thin - and with a much better battery. Not bothered about camera. SD625/3GB RAM difference is insignificant AFAIC. More on PSC with +Steve Litchfield

In case anyone's interested, the Update process was as follows having arrived with (Android Version/Security Patch Version)...
6.0.1/July 2016
6.0.1/August 2016
6.0.1/October 2016
6.0.1/November 2016
6.0.1/December 2016
7.0.0/January 2017
7.0.0/March 2017
7.0.0/April 2017
The process, done back-to-back took 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Factory reset afterwards and setup again from Moto Z Backup held at Google, all done in another hour or so, Homescreen layout, folders and all.
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