A Guest Review by +Andrea Clarke
I am very aware that my parents both suffer from the agonies of bunions. I have begun to feel pain, some swelling and indications that bunions are developing on both feet. So I have been keen to find a non-surgical solution that could prevent my feet going the same way.

For a number of months, since the autumn of last year, I've been wearing the bunion pads with toe-spreaders (see picture) whenever I could. I have to report that these are an excellent product providing relief, being discrete, comfortable and cool. They tuck nicely into ordinary footwear and I have been especially pleased with them when wearing ballet-style pumps that would otherwise cause me pain if worn for long periods of time.

Whether these will prevent bunions as I age, who knows! But for now, I'm doing something proactive. There are so many of these products on the market making incredible claims to correct your feet, it's difficult to know which are best, but this product is affordable and doesn't feel as if it's a contraption for old farts! Amazon are selling this for under £7 in the UK (https://goo.gl/Zhq4XQ) which I think is a bit of a bargain as it works so well.
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