Just a quick shout out for the integrity, fairness and honesty of +Wex Photographic. I recently traded back in some camera gear against another purchase and received a price in principle before they saw it, which I agreed.
I then purchased the new item with a card payment with the assurance that when the trade-in was done, I'd get a prompt payment back to my card.
This was done and the refund put back on my card within 24 hours.
Furthermore, on examining my goods, they increased the amount offered as the gear was in even better condition than they had originally quoted for. This, they could easily have not done and I'd have been none the wiser. They gave me, very fairly, a further £70 on top of the agreed amount.
Kudos to them - I think it only right that I should post this in return - in this world where one expects to be fleeced where possible.
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