I’ve just watched it right through for the fourth time! I think I’m done now! I so often come to the end of a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or even BBC, and wonder where to go next. I flick through the available titles for an hour, find nothing, then decide to watch something again!

It could be Fargo, Better Call Saul or Dexter but this time it was Breaking Bad again! I think this must be a reflection of the amount of poor quality shows out there. I ask people for recommendations, but when I follow up on them and try to watch, they invariably bore me in comparison to the fabulously made shows listed at the start of this paragraph.

Breaking Bad is a phenomenally addictive watch and no, I didn’t get bored once, through the whole 4 viewings of the whole whatever-it-is, 60 hours(?) viewing. The production is very, very good. The direction is interesting and engaging. The storytelling is spot-on. The acting is as addictive as the Meth! Everything about it just comes together. It has everything. Which is why I struggle to move forward. Vince Gilligan has drawn me into Better Call Saul, because of the obvious links, and that’s the best there is just now, me thinks.

I have been watching Ozark, which tries really had to be Breaking Bad, and it does really well in many ways, but it’s not as good. Am I alone here? I know I've asked this before, but I'll ask again anyway - is there really anything out there worthy of sitting on the same lofty pedestal? Or is BB unique - and for similar quality, do we have to turn to cinema, not TV? Be interested in your (updated) thoughts.
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