So often I see people posting about an item that is somewhere between Whatever Works and Room 101 - so here you are! We'll call it Halfway House and I'll put the first thing in...

Silicone Bumper/Ring ( £7.40 all-in.
Ever since I got my first Mod for the Moto Z I've been looking for a casing solution. I was hoping this would be it. And on the face of it, it could be! It's a great and simple idea. A big rubber band to go round your phone which, nice and tight, becomes a 'case' that'll mould itself to fit. Brilliant! And it does, once in place, it makes the phone non-slippy, even grippy! It's not going to protect it much in a fall, but that wasn't my quest - it was about making it less slippy than naked.

But then come the problems in terms of fiddle-factor and design and why it must be landed into Halfway House :-(
It's incredibly tight! Putting it on gives one a hernia! The hole that is supposed to be in line with the microphone on the phone's top doesn't align. OK - I hear you cry, this is designed for a Moto Z Play. A fair point. There wasn't one for the Z. But the microphone hole is in the same place anyway. Well, it's on the other side, but it's equally 'central' to the top width. And then the next thing, there's no hole for the charger. So every time you charge it, you have to take it off. Then a new hernia! I tried 'stretching' it to allow for the charger to get in there, and that works, but obviously that stretching each time, I guess, will make it floppy in time.

On the plus side, it fits with pretty much any Mod in place. It's so tight that it 'fits like a glove' and looks just fine when settled into place. The silicone is very thin so as long as you know where your buttons are as you can't see them!

All in all, it's a great little item, but with my reservations. It's also 75% of the cost of the superb Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit, but of course they don't make one for this Moto model, hence the quest :-( Click below for the photos in the Album.
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