Why would they do that? The SoundCore 1 didn't time-out with no activity but with the 'updated' version (with better bass and slightly different styling, flap over side sockets, splashproof - no other changes) they've made it cut the power after 20 minutes of inactivity. That's rubbish!
I went onto YouTube to look at reviews and sure enough, reviewers are hailing that as an advantage! I don't get it. Well, I do, I suppose, as it stops the battery being eaten up on standby.
But my Anker SoundCore 1 is nicely sat by my TV, plugged into the earphone out socket, USB permanently plugged into the USB-A socket on the TV which means it just works every time I turn on the TV.
With this 'updated' version, with no remote control, needs powering on every bloomin' time it's used! Stupid!
This got me looking around and it seems quite common that these units power-off. Even my Marshall Stanmore - 15 minutes. What do people use for semi-permanent fixtures? I can see that I'd better get another SoundCore 1 while I can, as a spare! Grrrr.
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