With a nod to Ian Barton's suggestion ( and subsequent commenters in that thread, I decided on the unit he suggested and got this in for my forthcoming roving life! We did previously briefly make reference to Ian's post on a previous show, but now I'm able to tell you my findings.

So, for those who don't know, this replaces the need for a wired landline-based broadband/router by making use of the cellular network instead and connecting for data. Now, of course, one has to be very careful about reception, location, choice of network - much testing and research needed - making it even more difficult for someone who's going to be roving all over the place! But this one is SIM Free from Amazon for about £70 so as long as you buy into a PAYG or short-contract SIM, you can always switch, or have two SIMs on the go. For Singleton in West Sussex, the Vodafone seems the best and I've secured a 30-day rolling contract giving 30GB per month for £25 per month.

You can then just hook up whatever devices you want to, much like you would over wifi for any old landline-based broadband router at home. You can connect 10 devices to this one and the battery lasts for about 10 hours. You can of course, leave it plugged into the mains (if you have it) or a powerbrick, so it doesn't run out of juice in the middle of Eastenders!

Down to the nitty-gritty and I'm amazed at how consistent it is, the connectivity I get, the seamless streaming and information given on the screen. With a press of a button you can see a colour (in this case) graphic of how much you've used and how much left, various other settings and setups which are all very simple, as well as being able to add an App to your phone to monitor it from there, too.

I think, given appropriate connectivity at various locations I end up in, this will be a good unit, with good reception and uninterrupted streaming or connectivity for phone/TV/tablet/service/whatever is needed. So far, so good - recommended. The trick seems to be not so much about the quality and performance of these units (and I have previously tested a Huawei unit with similarly good results) but in the location and connectivity to cells along with data deals from operators.
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