Some daft woman drove into the side of my car a couple of weeks ago.
Her fault of course! How could it mine if she drives into my side?! Anyway, that's another debate! Point was that she was very apologetic and actually the only damage to my 10 year old car was a very small dent at the top of the wheel arch.
She was very keen not to claim on her insurance, so we exchanged details, just in case, but she said she'd not hear from her. Which I haven't.

Anyway, to pull the small dent out, I got a pair of these. And they work a treat. A set of two. One is about 2" across and the other about 4". The smaller one did me fine. Suckered it on by positioning it then moving the lever 90 degrees, then gently pulled. Out it came!

OK, so if you look closely, it can be seen, but not to the casual glance. I guess if the car had been a nice new shiny one, I'd have acted differently. And I suppose I should have sent her my bill for these suckers at £8.99!
Recommended for cheap, quick and easy fix.
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