...a quick one from the kitchen/cinema!
I'm sure there are loads of variations on this theme out there, but this is the one I happened to pick up some time ago and haven't felt the need to look elsewhere. The box is £2 (£1.50 just now) and has 3 pouches inside. Take off the cellophane and chuck it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes!

I have yet to perfect the exact timing of how long to leave it in, as if you leave it too long it tastes kinda burnt, but too short and there are corns not popped. Maybe this can't be avoided. There's only usually a few and I still get a big bowlful (enough for 2 to share). The instructions say to wait until there is a 2-3 second gap between 'pops' but it's clearly not an exact science! (I have tried to put the remainder in a Tupperware afterwards and put them back in - some of them pop but then they do taste burnt.)

But don't let the few put you off! They're tasty, convenient, with a long shelf-life and come in sweet, salty (or a mix) and Butter. Readily available in UK supermarkets. Quick, easy and recommended :-)
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