What a load of clap-trap! They could have ditched the first 75% of the time wasted on this film and just showed the last quarter!

Don't know why I watched it really. Must be bored! I guess it was because of Woody Harrelson. I've been watching the ups and downs of his career since the days of Cheers! when he replaced Coach (after the actor playing that part died). He's a pretty good actor who can turn his hand to different genres from the serious and emotion-wrenching (Indecent Proposal, No Country for Old Men) to the gross and absurd (Natural Born Killers, Zombieland) to the fluffy comic (Cheers, Frasier) and much between.

This is the story of two transport cops who plan to rob a 'money train' which travels under the city each day. He's got gambling debts, so is driven to do so and his side-kick (played by Wesley Snipes - less said, better) tries to keep him from it, playing the moral and sensible card.

However, the build-up to the event takes so long I'm sure most people will have given up. It drags and drags with background scene-setting that nobody needs to know and it really should have just been an action film, focusing on the attempted robbery.

Once we get to that, and hour and a half in, it is much more enjoyable and full of action, special effects and tension. I wonder how many people have seen the first half of this one and missed the meat of it!

Not really recommended!
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