These are great! Not only do they carry the Tupperware name but they also reflect the thought of design and excellent build quality of the well-trusted brand.

Simple really. You put salt, pepper, garlic (in my case) into them, close the firmly-fitting lid, lift up one end of the upper-top when you want to shake something out for cooking or sprinkling, then firmly press back after use.

The holes in the top are quite big, so bigger than your average table-top salt shaker, but one adjusts! You can also open the other side of the upper-top for a bigger opening for larger amounts. See photos.

Really nice little units. They seem to come in red or black. Two sizes. Thanks to mum +Esther Salmon
for the gift :-)

I'll put the links into the comments below, as Google is being stupid about URL Shorteners. Sigh. Amazon are pricing it stupidly, but eBay are not...
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