I bought this for £7.99 from Amazon for a friend for their desk at work. I notice that it's now no longer available there but you can get it from JCC direct for $15 with free world-wide shipping (https://goo.gl/Nq5tJK). But I guess you wouldn't need to really as there are other similar models available. The reason I was drawn to this was because of the big numbers!

Sitting on her desk at work, it looks great. It's supposed to be a bedside thing, I guess, but use where you like! It's about 5" x 5" x 2" and either white or black. On top there's a capacitive snooze/light sensor and when you touch (or hover closely over) it for the light, the big display lights up evenly for 5 seconds. There's a 'sensor' switch on the back for that which, if turned ON will keep the display on when the ambient lighting is dark.

There's a logical array of buttons and switches around the back, widely spaced out and big for logically changing settings - you really don't need the instructions! It takes 3 x AAA batteries, which we've yet to see how long last. I reckon it'll be months. Three alarm settings which can be smartly set for 'every day', 'weekdays' or 'Monday to Saturday'.

It's plastic, of course, but it feels like it's pretty sturdy'ish and sitting on a desk or bedside, I guess the only abuse it might get is being hurled across the room with gay abandon when it makes too much noise! Speaking of which, the alarm is a gradually increasing series of beeps, which can be snoozed for 5 minutes at a time.

Anyway, to the display and key features. The numbers are nice and big, about 2" high with the days of the week below, current circled. Under that is the Month and Date, temperature (F/C) read out (which we reckon is pretty accurate) and the time/set alarm in the corner. The reason I'm bangin' on about this model is that it's just nice and big. I reviewed a much smaller style one of these on Whatever Works some months ago, but this big one is much more easy to read and certainly a more substantial ideal for a desktop clock.

Recommended, though do have a scout round for others, similar, before importing this one(!) as I'm sure you can find close matches. Oh look - https://goo.gl/4y82SQ - here's one very similar indeed by the same company!
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