...say's the Quack. Well, it's hard enough to force yourself to do so when you don't really feel thirsty, but it's made even less likely by having water containers sitting around that are, frankly, just rubbish at what they're supposed to do.

Some of them have got pully-up spouts at the top, some you have to suck, some you have to tip upwards to get anything out, some plastics are so rigid that the bottle can't be squeezed easily to push fluid out. There's a lot of overpriced junk out there!

The conclusion that I came to was straws! Simple bottles with a tube that goes down to the bottom and which you suck, like a glass of water with a straw. And after trying a few, this is the winner IMHO. It's made pretty well, with sturdy plastics (which doesn't need to be squeezed, of course) and a big screw-top opening. It's got a little handle at the top for a finger and that spout thingie at the top folds back down on itself to block the air-hole behind it, rendering the unit leak-proof from my testing. If the straw top is 'open' then yes, if you turn it upside down fluid dribbles out of the air-hole. But you don't need to turn it upside down. Just suck!

On balance, this is the best one I've found and does the best job for me in it's primary purpose and task - to encourage me to drink, when I don't feel thirsty! Recommended.

The 650ml version is £6.99 from AmazonUK - https://goo.gl/Tsr4FG
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