As I pack up my stuff to head off, I was looking for a bag which would fit in the boot of the car, then under a caravan/motorhome seat, which would hold some of those bigger items. Stuff that I didn't want to throw out just because they were bigger than your average mobile phone and pocket debris! Things like a pair of large headphones. Some books. A bottle of Cointreau! Phone's Boxes - for future sales! Microphones. Cameras. Tripods. Cables. Extension leads. Just about anything really that'll fit!

Anyway, this bag fits perfectly across the boot of my hatchback car and I think is designed for musicians, gigging. It looks a bit like a cricket kit bag, but now when the Velcro partitions are inserted, eight of them, which can be placed anywhere along the length of the bag, cross-ways, it's very flexible in the style of your average camera kit bag.

It's made of nylon type stuff and looks to be sturdy, if not waterproof. 30" x 9" x 9" or thereabouts. There's also side zipped pocket, good for papers and stuff, though it's not quite A4-friendly. Which is a shame. But A4 size stuff can be placed underneath the partitions taking up little space.

The main compartment is a long 'flap' with a zip each side, so you undo it long-ways, or part thereof. The handle has a Velcro joiner and, again, feels fairly sturdy. The bag has a hard base and seems to hold shape with a reasonable amount of weight in it, though I'm sure it'll have limits! I'd recommend it for my purposes, as I say, perfect as a car-boot organiser if nothing else. Not dirt cheap at £20 from AmazonUK ( but I'm pleased I bought it and it seems to work well.
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