No doubt this will prove to be a controversial one, but I feel like I have to award it a Whatever Works badge.
There are studies and counter-studies, medics and pharmaceutical companies claiming this and that and conspiracy theorists warning this, that and the other, but the fact is that this, in my view, has been the wonder drug, cure-all, replacement for Paracetamol and Aspirin which held top elixir in the 1960's.
For as long as I can remember, pretty much, since the 1970's, this has been the one go-to tablet to tackle just about any pain in the body based on inflammation. Tooth pain, head pain, ear pain, joint pain, gout, hangover, whatever it is, this seems to be the one. And has been for some time in my experience.
This is not an invitation to point me to studies which claim this and that and the other. All I care about is that when I'm feeling like crap, this does the business. And I'm still alive. Just! End of.
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