A Guest Review by +Esther Salmon
Remember the tin can openers of yesteryear which had no moving parts? Dig it in and lever your way round, plasters on standby! Some of these methods are still used out in the wild, of course, and form handy additions to various Swiss Army Knives!

But life is easier these days, as we know. All Mod. Cons. and reliance on batteries. Enter the Electric Can Opener! I remember that the initial ones a few years back were really not good. Unreliable with different sized cans and factory cans were not really standard. Some had deeper lips, broader rims and different thickness of metal.

Anyway, this one's better than most. It's actually quite fun to watch! Clamp it on, press the button and see it swoop round! It cuts the tin 'inside' the rim, so unlike some which cut around the 'edge', this one doesn't leave you with a dangerous sharp tin edge.

We did experience one particularly old fashioned can with a very deep lip that it struggled with, but it got there in the end. When it's been right round, you press the lower portion of the button, the magnet on the lower side seems to clamp on and the lid can be lifted away.

I've had this for 3 or 4 years and never replaced the 4 x AA batteries, but it's used less and less as cans now seem to have their own ring-pulls increasingly. Which is a much more sensible idea! (We note that some cheaper cans don't have their own ring-pull, some tins of fish and a personal favourite of my son's - Ambrosia Creamed Rice!) But there will always be the odd exception and when it comes along, you'll be glad you have this device, particularly if you're an elder or suffering with any restrictive movement or strength in the hands. They used to be £20+ but now we note that it's a tenner from Amazon (

Which can opener do you use and recommend? Or is manual still best?
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