A Review by +Jay Caracciolo
I picked up a Hive on Black Friday as they were running a £50 discount on the price. Since then I've found it a really useful product, allowing me to manage the heating settings at different stages during the day.

The app is easy to use, and is easy to set schedules for your heating needs. Daily schedules can be copied across the week if necessary, and there is a simple option for bumping up the heating if the evenings are particularly chilly.

The actual Hive thermostat runs on AA batteries, but so far that hasn't been a problem. Apparently the four will last from 6 - 8 months before needing changing, longer if you rarely use the thermostat and mainly use the app.

The thermostat looks nice, you can get different colour surrounds so it matches more your wallpaper or paint job, and works well for quickly adjusting temperature settings. For setting schedules, etc, I'd advise always using the app, it is much easier.

I've used the app a few times for setting the heating when I'm out, so the house is warm when I get home. But mostly I just set the schedules, my routine doesn't change too much. It's just nice to have that option. All in, I like the Hive, and I get a lot of use from it. They've recently done an update to the app, as you can now use it for controlling plugs in the home, too. Door and window sensors are coming later in the year.
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