The next part of my quest is to address available entertainment for those relying on a 12V Battery, be that in car, caravan, boat or motorhome. How can the traveller be sure to pass those long winter evenings, when there's no AC power and online streaming services need a subscription of course. But more importantly, that streaming over a cellular connection could at best be expensive and at worst get you lobbed off for 'unfair usage'. But this is much more about power.

So it looks like it's back to basics and DVD. Now, we know that DVDs are two-a-penny to buy now (apart from the 347 you have in that cupboard behind you!) and, given storage space, it's a good option for the offgrid traveller, in my opinion. But there's one big problem. How to play them. Yes, OK, you could use a laptop with an Optical Drive, but then you've got to make sure that the battery is good and time will, however frugal you are, be limited with this solution. You could carry lots of power-banks and find some way of ensuring that your laptop's battery is charged, I suppose.

But there's another solution - use the vehicle's battery! I guess you could stick with the laptop idea and use an inverter and the vehicle's battery - like this one - https://www.clove.co.uk/duracell-175w-in-vehicle-power-inverter-with-dual-ac-usb - but you're also driving loads of laptop processing that you really don't need to be powering. So why not go old-fashioned and arm yourself with a 12V made-for-the-job DVD Player that just plugs into an old-fashioned fag-socket? And this is where I ended up.

After a little research on features v price, I plumped for the Naviskauto (try pronouncing that after a gin or three!) Car Player. It has loads of bells and whistles that I don't need of course, but it does the basics brilliantly. Shove in a DVD, plug it into the socket and away you go. With a beefy leisure battery, or even a humble car's, it'll drain next to nothing and go on for ages! It's really deigned to be fitted to headrests rear-facing in cars, and comes with a kit for that, but also has an integral stand so, for my purposes, just sits on a flat surface pointing at the viewer/s.

The touch-buttons at the foot of the screen are far from capacitive! They do take a good prod, so not sure about life expectancy there. But then there's a remote control for backup. Anyway, here's a summary of the stuff which you can read up about if you feel so inclined and want to explore it's every nook and cranny in a way that I haven't...
1024 x 600 16:9 10.1" TFT LCD screen with Touch icons at foot for controls.
Sony Multi region CD DVD lens/drive, compatible with DVD/VCD/MP4/RMVB/CD-R/CD-RW/SVCD/DIVX (but no Blu-ray).
USB 2.0 port, SD Card Slot so good for media files.
Built-in HDMI socket, so you can stream video from a Chromecast/Amazon Stick, assuming it works over cellular/MiFi, in my roving case!
Built-in FM transmitter - so tune into the car radio and make use of better speakers.
Remembers your place on DVD when powered off.
Optional AC-Power unit for home.
2 way AV input(1*RCA+1*3.5mm)/2 way AV output(1*RCA+1*3.5mm)

...for my purposes, it's about playing a DVD offgrid. And it does that very well. The speakers are good enough quality, though not very loud, so headphones recommended and the screen is a far cry in quality from my last outing in this department, buying the miserable Sony unit a couple of years ago - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007PZPH4M/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 - the screen was just awful - unwatchable!

For £88, OK, so not the cheapest out there, it seems to be a good product and does the one thing I would want it for very well indeed. It's made pretty well and feels like it has some years of use in it. Recommended for Road Warriors!
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