Who wants to slip in the bath or shower? Not me! And I'm guessing not you!

Shower trays and baths often seem to be made with the slipperiest of shiny plastic without a thought for people using them. Maybe they assume that people will buy their own solution and don't even try to cater for it. Or maybe it's a question of the more up-market they are, the more likely that it's been thought of at point of manufacture. Anyway, whatever the truth of that, the fact remained that a solution was needed and these strips seem to have done a half decent job.

Sticky backed with peel-off paper, they go down easily and appear to be holding up against recurring running water and are not peeling off. I'll report back if they do in time! Choose whatever pattern you like out of the strips, of course. Make a Mickey Mouse shape if you like! Cut with scissors to size very easily, though supplied with the 'rounded' ends I think are most neat, not cut.

Cheap and cheerful from AmazonUK for a fiver or so, for a pack of 12 strips which are 38cm x 2cm each. Recommended (so far)!
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