10 LED Portable USB Flexible Dimmable White Light Lamp
It's all lights at the moment, ain't it?! Anyone would think it was a dark time of year! This one, I decided to take a risk on as I have a Chromebook without backlit keys that I want to routinely use in a darker corner of the room without changing the ambient lighting therein. I can see that there are 101 options for these types of things at Amazon UK, so I'm sure others will have opinions on this and others.

Never had a USB lamp before, but it seems to work just fine. Plug it into the USB, which powers it (or a PowerBank for other uses), bend the stretch-arm to the position you like and Bob's your uncle! A top lit keyboard! Or anything else you want to illuminate really.

Care needs to be taken when bending it around to support the plug in the USB socket as I can see it is sturdy enough to damage the socket if not supported. The button on the end to change it from on to off is supposed to also somehow vary the light level, but I can't seem to get the hang of how to do that! But I'm not really bothered about that. Cracking little device. Just the ticket for those of us who like to loiter in dark corners!

Recommended for a fiver.
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