Can one of you bright folk shed any light on why it might be that my Moto Z mucks about horribly with connectivity to my home WiFi whereas the Moto Z Play right with it is good as gold.

As far as i can see, all the settings are the same on each and, obviously, the router.

If i turn the router off and on again, it behaves for a time but eventually drops again.

Typical scenario tonight. Trying to download an episode of Line of Duty from Netflix and it was just stuck mid-way. Turned off the WiFi, then on again. No joy. Pick up the Z Play and Fanny's your aunt, download executed no trouble.

I'm wondering if there's a hardware problem as, looking back, it's never been great. I think i mentioned it on PSC. What makes it annoying is the inconsistency. BTW, I'm sitting right next to the router during all this and the router is serving other devices fine.

Do the panel think another hard reset might fix it? Or is there something I can be checking in settings or via my Network Signal Pro app, for example? Is it an IP address issue?
+Steve Litchfield​
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