Yimidear Padded Partition Bag Insert
Who needs expensive made-to-measure nerdy camera bags? Not me! They all just look the same and are boringly 'I'm an amateur photographer/camera gear nut'. So why not transform your favourite existing bag into a protected environment for your scrummy camera gear?!

Here's a solution that works well for a tenner. It's a compartmentalised foam insert which has movable Velcro sections to fit around whatever stuff you want in there. In fact, it really doesn't have to be camera gear, it could be anything. I have a really nice and previously quite expensive (a few years ago) Crumpler Silver Dig Medium Laptop Bag (https://goo.gl/RyDwPe) and this insert fits near-perfectly with a tiny space left and right for stuffing other bits in, like your phone or filters/caps etc.

I needed space here for two CSC bodies, a flash and three lenses but these kind of things come in loads of different sizes and a huge range of prices - this on AmazonUK - but also tons on eBay etc. You just need to choose your bag and work around it instead of pandering to camera bag makers and looking the dork into the process :-)
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