Here's a handy little tool (which I was convinced that I'd posted about before, but can't seem to evidence) for glarin' into one's loved one's lug'oles!

A nifty little unit that does one thing really well. Cheap as chips and takes AA batteries. It's got a pocket hanger thingie so you can play at doctors and nurses(!), a tube of various-sized attachments for different sized ear canals, a swing-out magnifier glass for getting even closer to their tympanic membrane (impressed?!) and a handy red case.

As we get older and our bodies work less efficiently, this is yet another accessory in a long chain that many of us need. Seeing the wax levels, checking for inflamed redness for possible infection, or in my case, keeping an eye on that pesky pinprick hole in my eardrum!

Can't got far wrong with this for about a fiver - though I notice that AmazonUK are currently not keeping it - - but there seems to be a near-identical one at, though three times the price. They obviously wised up! But even at that price, recommended! Hunt around and you'll probably find cheaper.
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