I've noticed this quite often now, but don't think I've said anything, so here goes!

This week someone decided to make a Google Calendar entry in one of their own Google Calendars and marked me as a potential attendee and had the system email me.

I then dutifully got an email with the details and the usual 'are you attending yes/no/maybe' option. Which I opened and read.

Now, I'd already made myself an entry for this event, so didn't need it, so didn't respond by tapping any of the buttons and deleted the email.

Then, blast and curses, without my accepting and/or wanting this entry in my Calendar, it's been put there. So I deleted it. I wonder if the person knows that I deleted it. Not that it matters.

The same thing applies, I've noticed, when Sharing a Calendar with someone. I've done this recently with my parents +Esther Salmon​, +Trevor Salmon​, and they don't seem to have the option to 'accept' but just get an email telling them they have it, and it's there in their list until they actively 'unsubscribe' I guess.

The implications of this are obvious to me. People could make flood-entries into everyone else's calendars with ads or worse.

Unless it's tied up with Contact lists or people Followed in G+ only allowing this behaviour.

Or maybe I'm the first person in the history of Google Services to spot this marketing opportunity missed by exploiters out there!
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