A Guest Review by +Andrea Clarke
I got this for when I head off walking in Scotland, where the midges are notoriously troublesome to humans. Having had a bad experience in the past of being so badly bitten on my scalp, I decided that I would take drastic action, looking the buffoon or not(!), as I find that spray alone is never enough.
I also need something really light that I can stick in a pocket and forget about, right up until the moment when needed.
Last year, when I was walking the Thames Trail, there were several places that the midge population was so thick that one of these would have been fantastic to whip out and use rather than keep swatting at them to little effect.
This headnet can be tucked into a scarf or shirt at the base and under a hat too at the top. You can get smidge full body suits, but in hot weather thought it would be restrictive. Recommended at £4.50 from Amazon
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