No more 'Delivery Attempted' lies
Never used one before, but did yesterday. Fiendishly simple. Get your stuff sent to a locker instead of home, wait for a code to be sent to you by SMS/Email to say it's there (with Prime it's free, without it's £1.99), head over and punch the code into the screen, door opens, grab stuff, close door, Fanny's your aunt!

Now for the constructive criticism
There's not enough of them and many of them are stuck inside shops and public services which are only open certain hours. Rubbish! I live in Chichester, West Sussex, which is a sizeable city, and the only locker is stuck inside the public library, which shuts at 7pm (5pm Saturday and closed Sunday). OK, so 7pm is better than 5pm, but it's still too early.

Yesterday I had it sent to Bognor Regis, which is a 12 mile round trip, but at least it was in a garage forecourt and open 24-hours, so I could collect late evening when all the 3-cars-per-household-brigade in the South East of England had stopped clogging up the roads.

I guess there is the crime risk - being robbed in quiet isolated locations, but there should be ways round that like CCTV, particularly in towns the size of Chichester. Railways stations are open long hours. All-night Tesco. And, like Bognor, petrol stations. There's three on the Chichester by-pass and all have CCTV for security etc. but the Locker is stuck inside the library!

So come on, great idea, works really well, but we need more, much more of it and in sensible locations.
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