This is a made-for/by-Netflix distinctly made-for-TV feeling murder/mystery/drama set in England in which (don’t sigh) a daughter disappears and the driven father is on the hunt. It seems to be a common theme for drama these days - setting an unfolding mystery around a missing person. It’s served up in eight forty minute episodes.

Michael C Hall produced and played the central role in the project as Dexter, er, I mean Tom, dad of missing Jenny, widower of Rachel and friend of the investigating policewoman, Sophie, played by Amanda Abbington. Dexter is Dexter and I don’t think he can shake that off. Whether it’s because he’s not much of an actor or because he insists on ‘bringing himself’ to every role, I don’t know. But he could be on the set of either show!

Netflix seem to have scooped up lots of actors from the world of TV, British soaps and UK drama and thrown them into the pot for this programme. Most of them seem to be capable, if not terribly convincing, some of the acting is pretty lame, but some good. The highlight of the cast for me was Audrey Fleurot, the French actress, who plays a very convincing mixed-up stressed and anxious mother. So a real mix of ability and performances. The mix continues in that some of the episodes are directed by one person, others by another. Three in all. It’s a real potpourri.

The story itself, as I say, in the usual way for TV drama these days, gets doled out via snippets of unravelling information, flashbacks and sneak-peeks often as episodes draw to a close. Cue Eastenders drum-roll! As usual, the police investigating have complicated home lives and have been damaged by past life experience, which adds to the drama. I guess.

Some of the eventually exposed links between the characters are a bit far-fetched often, where everyone has a link with everyone else in one shape or form. There are a few interesting twists along the way, but nothing gripping particularly. There are purposeful camera shots on various characters making everyone look sinister and like they have a motive, or enough darkness about them generally, to be hiding something or be involved. You know the form.

If I sound a bit negative about the show, I really shouldn’t I guess. It’s formulaic, yes, but it kept my attention and maybe I’m one of the shallow-minded target audience, but the time passed quickly and I didn’t once think to give up on it. If you’re flicking through Netflix and Amazon Prime trying to find a needle in a haystack, this is worth a view. It’s not a very sharp needle, but you can still sew with it!
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