Wow! What a dinky, yet powerful and long-lasting BlueTooth Speaker!
The thing that struck me most about this, even though I knew the measurements before ordering, is how dinky it is. I've shot a photo to try and show that, next to a standard 250g pot of Marmite (oh, look - there's another candidate for Whatever Works!). It's about 6" long and less than 2" in the other dimensions. Cute!

It's also an attractive little thing. It has that soft-touch Anker feel, used on many of their PowerBank units. Power, volume up/down, play/pause and BT buttons festoon the top, MicroUSB connector on the side (not got to USB-C for most BT Speakers yet!) with Aux. Input, microphone and status-LED alongside. No power cable in the box, just a USB-A to MicroUSB, but I think that's pretty standard these days.

Dual full-range drivers 6W x 2. Unique patented spiral bass port. 24-hour battery life which appears to be not far off. Reconnects automatically to the last device used. Built-in microphone lets you take hands-free calls. It connects effortlessly and produces a stunning sound with good bass and super top volume which more than fills my office and would survive a lounge-sized roomful of people milling, party-style, without any trouble.

So, now to test it against a known quantity. In my case, the Roberts TravelPad, (reviewed and raved about at The news is not good for the sweet Roberts unit. The Anker produces at least twice the volume and markedly more depth/bass. And I really liked the Roberts! It also has double the battery life. OK, it doesn't have a Answer Phone button, nor a max-volume LED, nor a battery LED display but the Anker certainly has enough about it to be ahead here. The Roberts unit is pretty classy, nicely made and finished, but it is physically bigger with only half the battery life.

OK - so the Anker's not a beach unit, no waterproofing etc. which seems to be popular these days. Available in 3+ colours, it's around £30 depending on colour, but what makes it worth the outlay here is the battery life in relation to size.
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