...and performance
I've been using Bluetooth more than ever before lately, without broadband so paying Vodafone for streaming, keeping away from Google Play Music streaming.

I've noticed four things using in conjunction with the following equipment.
Moto Z with Incipio Moto Mod Battery.
2 X Sony SRS-XB3 Speakers, using one for left, one for right stereo channels.

1. There's sometimes a slight break in communication, so half-second break in playback.
2. The back of the phone/battery gets hot even if screen off.
3. The Moto Z when being used for any other functions gets really laggy and slow, screen-swipes, waiting for responses.
4. The battery-drain is staggeringly high. I can drain the Incipio in an hour or two. Battery battery!

Is this all par for the course for Bluetooth these days as it gets too clever for it's own trousers?!
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