Joby Griptight Mount with Suction Cup & Gorillapod Arm
Been looking for a DashCam solution for a while now and tempted to shell out on a dedicated one. But wait! I have phones which are quite capable of recording straight video kicking about all around me, so this is where I went!
This solution is a good one.

The flexi-arm could be more flexi, but it’s OK. I’d rather have less flexi and more sturdy than more flexi and vibration, for my use here.

The grip is the only issue, really, it’s not huge. It’s absolutely fine for the Marshall London or Moto G, but it’s not big enough really for 5.5” (and above) devices.

The sucker is fine. It works and holds on my car screen, though really doesn’t do anything that’s not absolutely glass-flat. I’d also prefer that the tightening action was a lever rather than the rotating collar. It works fine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just more effort to secure it - and there’s no indication of which way is tight or free, so one has to remember!

But overall, for a fiver, it’s a great, well priced solution.
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