Really enjoyed this dark'ish comedy/drama/murder-mystery/whodunnit with elements of all sorts of genres and themes. It tries hard to be Woody Allen, doesn't quite get there, but is not a million miles away. It's a made-for-TV series of 10 bite-sized 20-minute episodes.

Basic plot is that a group of young adults are negotiating their way through Manhattan life's love, arts, sex, work, club, social triumphs and disasters, and hear that one their old college friends has gone missing. The lead character, dappy but dogged female, like a dog with a bone, won't let go, whilst those around her remain initially blasé and think she's nuts. Ring a bell?

Plenty of characters around with interesting quirks of their own. Suspects, enthusiasm and ideas flow in and out of proceedings as the main players head towards discovering whether or not our heroine is nuts or insightful.

The main lead is played brilliantly and engagingly by cutesy Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, Drunk History) but could easily have been, back within the Allen reference, Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton or bang up-to-date, Mikey Cyrus. Most of the rest of the cast are generally not well known to those who don't live in USA TV Land but many are interesting and engaging.

It's an absorbing romp with a dark edge. I'd love to have seen what Allen would have done with it to polish and shine an already good idea that just needed a little something more. But still recommended if just to watch Shawkat in action.

Currently available in the UK on Channel 4's All Four/Catch Up service, free with embedded ads. Enjoy 😊
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