I got this some time ago and forgot about it. It really is very well made, has a kind of 'furry' inside protecting the Kindle and a sturdy zip. It has an outside front 'pocket' with Velcro which is phone-sized, depending on phone of course.

Of course, you don't have to use it for a Kindle - anything would be fine that fits inside, so maybe 7" Tablets, or whatever. The Kindle 'book' shaped versions fit nicely, so not the more square-shaped Oasis, but most others. You'll need to be careful about sizing of stuff that's not a Kindle. It's not big enough for the Fire Tablet 7" for example.

This is no 'cover' of course. You put it in when not using and take it out, to use naked, when reading. It's got a 'hanging' clip thingie on the side, but I'm not sure what you'd hang it from! Maybe attach keys?

But apart from all that, it's just a lovely little sleeve, well made, padded, perfect size for Kindle that'll protect and cover. It's nylon, but doesn't feel much like it, and claims to protect from 'spills' but not really waterproof. For £12 recommended. It's my go-to solution and it works well.
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