I needed a very portable scanner which can do the basic A4 to PDF but also which doesn't need to power itself. I found this one and decided to take a risk. It wasn't the cheapest at £80 but reviewed well, so I decided to go with it over units half the price, some of which actually scanned by moving themselves across the page - powered by AAs (tempting!) - but none reviewed as well as this one.

I did wonder how I was going to get the software onto my laptop without an Optical Drive, but of course, it's 2017. Two minutes later and Fanny's your aunt! Windows and Mac support of course (can't make it work with a Chromebook) plug it in and go. All sorts of selectable file outputs in the settings and up to 600dpi for output and it really works like a treat. It's not fast, but what do you expect! A sheet of A4 takes about 10/15 seconds to go through.

Portable, powered by USB, even comes with a neat carry-bag! This'll do the job for me just fine. https://goo.gl/xTzfoQ
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