Anker LC40 LED Pocket-Sized LED Torch
This is a pocket torch with 3 Modes - High/Low/Strobe producing 400-lumen CREE LED light over a beam distance of 330ft and reaches up to 600ft. It’s IP65-rated water resistant and designed for use in heavy rain. It’s made of aluminium and has has grooves down it, making it fairly anti-slip. It’s supposed to also be shock-resistant. Looks like that’s true! It gives 4 hours of non-diminishing brightness from 3 AAA batteries, or 6hrs from one rechargeable 18650. The life expectancy of the LED is 50,000 hours use. Stands on-end if needed. Anker 18-month warranty.

Anyway, this is certainly bright and the beam is good. It’s well made and feels solid in the palm. It’s about three and a half inches long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. Certainly pocketable, but not tiny. I’ll report back later on battery performance as it only just arrived! But so far, so good. Looks just the job - and with the bonus of taking AAA batteries! Woohoo! Not the cheapest at £11 (, but it certainly feels well made and that it might last like a more expensive Maglite.

(Apparently a "CREE" LED chip is a microchip that emits an incredibly pure white light, that is amazingly bright for it's size and by far outperforms any traditional torch. Due to their high efficiency,they achieve a lot brighter light for a much longer amount of time, using smaller and fewer batteries than a standard torch.)
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