Don't you sometimes hanker for something that doesn't connect to a smartphone? That doesn't need to be charged every night? That isn't 'smart' (though actually it is, quite!). Welcome to the Lexon Cube bedside Clock, which is an unconnected little cracker!

It tells the time, day and date! And, no, doesn't auto-update for daylight saving changes! It's a stylish little clock which is about 2 inches cubed and has an alarm with snooze, temperature gauge (C/F) readout and uses 2 AAA batteries (which last for years). If you touch the top (feather touch), it snoozes the alarm (if ringing) and always lights up the LCD a kind of attractive blue colour for a couple of seconds, just long enough to see the time in the night but not to blind you! Various push-buttons are on the back to make changes, including 12/24hr option. You can get it in four colours.

It really is a cute little thing which makes for an ideal Christmas gift for those who have everything(!) or a treat for oneself. I got mine from John Lewis and it was £20. OK, it's a bit expensive for what it is, but it's very cute and (quite) smart! An item that's lovely to look at and hold and relatively transportable in a bag.
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