Caravan or motorhome, this giant double step is strong for big and heavy people.

In the last couple of years, I trusted a lesser step with my weight and came a cropper. It collapsed under me and I went flying. Damaged my knee which remained numb for a year whilst nerves repaired.

I was determined to find a step that was sturdy, big, not full of metal that can rust, or thin plastic that can snap.

And here it is. It's huge but not too huge for the average required height. It's wide and deep with big steps for people like me with size 13/14's.

I feel confident using this and, as I had one for a year or so before my current OffGrid venture, can confirm that it stands the test of time. It's made of good strong plastic.

Not cheap at £26 but for me, it's worth the investment over flimsy, feeble and badly made cheaper and smaller ones. Still fits inside the vehicle during travel. Recommended highly.
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