[Check out my (poorly edited) video in the attached link!]
This is a really nice little bag which, I guess, many would call a 'manbag' and which some would use as such. I think that a much better use for it is, in fact, as a kit bag.

You can see from the video that I have used this one to keep all my Moto Z and Mods in one place. I have another for other phones. Another for Nintendo 3DS XL and peripherals. Another for camera. Another for powerbanks and chargers. And so on. Clearly, you can use these for whatever you want to as they're very adaptable.

There's a popper-pocket on the very front, which I guess in the old days was deigned to hold a Nokia phone, but no chance now for your average smartphone! There's two main zipped compartments, which make for the main space to stuff whatever you like in. There's secondary zipped narrow compartments on the outside of these each side and, consequently loads of flexibility and space to keep together whatever kit you like. When viewed from the bottom, or end, it seems like it's a 'double up' version of some slimmer version, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Not much else to say, really. Except that they're super little bags, smell beautifully of leather (reminds me of early-1970's holidays in Majorca!) and priced on Amazon UK at a level to tempt multiple purchases and get one's life organised!
AmazonUK link - https://goo.gl/X11Dbe
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