Kickstarter: Zanco S-Pen does more than just write - Probably the Geekiest pen I've seen - From $49

While smartphones continue to get larger in size as well as more complicated in their functionality, here is the Zanco S-Pen that might help streamline the busy executive’s life. This is an all-in-one pen phone and presentation tool that is jam-packed with features, making it suitable for both work and travel. Your presentations will never be the same again with the built-in laser pointer, letting you showcase the points that you would like to get across to your audience in clarity. Need to jot down that important piece of information but do not have a piece of paper? Fret not, there is always the built-in voice recorder that gets the job done, and even then you can always fall back on the front- and rear-facing 5MP cameras to snap a quick photo.

Since it connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth, it can also be used to monitor and decline calls in order to prevent any disruptions in important meetings. The S-Pen will also double up as a universally compatible stylus pen for easy and accurate writing, where it can alternatively be used as a drawing tool for graphic design. It can take a non-SIM as well and even make calls without your phone!

I gave in after 60 seconds and ordered one seeing the cheapest tier at $49 still had orders left. The Kickstarter project (yes there is a risk) has passed its funding goal by over 200% percent already.

When they say "all-in-one" this device certainly exceeds the expectations I had. All it lacks is a kitchen scale maybe...


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