Now in hand. Thoughts to come as they unfold.
Initial physical impression is that it feels quality. Lovely chamfered edging. Buttons all solid. Aluminium throughout. Feels classy.
Stereo speakers work, with a degree of separation. Right one fires out of bottom.
Not the loudest or richest but the Dolby Atmos makes a difference along with other equalisation tools.
Doesn't like my pre-populated SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card (won't read, not supported, wants to format) but OK with Samsung 64GB 🤔
Screen looks bright and sharp, vibrant.
Pure Vanilla.
April 217 security but more downloading.
App shortcuts work.
Google Assistant out of the box.
Circular Pixel-like icons and folders.
Pixel-like App Drawer and 5 homescreen base icon spaces.
Capacitive buttons flanking the Home button can be set to be Always on with Screen +Ahmed Bebars
Home button cluster chin feels very HTC.
MicroUSB charging 🤔
+Steve Litchfield
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