Seems amazing that in 2017 the No.1 SIM Card slot needs a Micro-SIM Card adapter! There's a Nano slot, too, but it's No.2 slot which means that you then can't put a MicroSD Card in as well. I had no idea that in the age of USB-C and Snapdragon 835 processors people still use Micro-SIM Cards!
On a positive note, as soon as it's switched on, it's downloading to install the 1.4GB 7.1.1 overwriting Cyanogen.
The device is really no bigger than the Swift 2 Plus. Tiny, tiny amount in all directions. But nothing really. The screen goes further out to the edges and they've done a good job keeping it feeling like a 5" device.
It feels well made, robust, metal and glass.
Fingerprint sensor on the back is a small circle under the camera, but it seems like it does the job well.
Power button and volume rocker on the right feel solid, no play at all.
Says Midnight Blue on the box, but where the blue is, I don't know! It all looks black and grey to me!
More as it lets me play (and I finish work!)...
+Steve Litchfield
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