With my coming plans to hit the road, I thought I'd look into a TV that'll work with mains electricity and 12/24V too, but with a DVD built-in and retaining a dinky size for caravan/motorhome. After some research, I landed on this one and I'm very pleased with it for the life of the Nomad!

It comes with both adaptors for mains and battery use, with the usual cigarette lighter plug. It has Freeview built in and seems to pick up a signal and auto-search stations very well, though this is, of course, is always going to be location-dependent. It's got a EPG integrated which seems basic, but functional. The DVD Player is Multi-Region, so any old disk will play on it. It has a USB-A socket for a drive for recording and playback, a SCART input for that ageing VHS player(!), a 3.5mm headphone socket and it drains power at a very low rate (apparently!). It also has an HDMI input if you want to plug in some other device, games console (for those rainy days!), NowTV (with Mifi in situ.) or other streaming box.

It's just the right size with 16" screen and small bezels for placing on the side in a caravan/motorhome with a stand, as long as you're likely to be sitting and watching pretty closely, which one is likely to be! The picture, contrast brightness is just fine, though won't compare to the latest Samsung of course. The sound from speakers is perfectly adequate, too. Nice little solution which can be used OffGrid or on - or might just be perfect for a small shed/bedroom/converted attic/ManCave! Certainly recommended for the Roving Road Warrior, anyway! c.£120-140.
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