I'm afraid that I found this to be a very poor quality product. The screen resolution was awful, the interface unintuitive, the PC software rubbish, the Android App rubbish and the instructions horribly lacking.

In the quick-start guide it just tells you to install the App, select the Wifi in the list and connect. No mention of any password, which the phone wanted. I found it in the end hunting around their website for the manual. It's 12345678.

The screen is tiny (I suppose that's unavoidable as it's such a small unit) but the image is so low-res that it's horribly pixelated. The menu system on the device is unintuitive and makes you often guess at what to press next, for example, proceeding through the date/time setting. The power cord is miniUSB to car-cigarette adaptor. Yes, Mini! Maybe this unit is just really old and I need a more up to date one, but going on this experience, I don't think I'll bother!

And it just starts recording when you turn it on! Why can't I start it recording when I want to, not just always-on?! I guess that's security against people forgetting to start it, but it's fairly obvious if it's going or not with flashing lights etc.

The resulting videos were OK, it's just that the device feels like cheap plastic junk. Shame.
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