This was a made-for-ITV mini-series which, as I review, is available on Netflix UK to view with a subscription. It’s the ("99%") true story of Malcolm Webster and his crimes against those around him, including three key women, with whom he made a life. A nurse by profession, he preyed on those around him for financial gain without any concern for them or consideration that what he had been doing was wrong.

It’s potentially a TV mini-series that could have been pretty dull over it’s three one-hour helpings, but largely for the dark and nasty portrayal of the lead by Reece Shearsmith. I really appreciate his flexibility here and also his prior ability to exude evil, through his various roles as a part of The League of Gentlemen (BBC). But here, he really turns it up a notch without going over-the-top and makes the story become an edge-of-the-seat thriller.

Archie Panjabi (Bend it like Beckham, East is East, The Thin Blue Line) also played a wonderful part as one of the three women involved, John Hannah (Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Mummy, Sliding Doors) pops up as the Scottish detective and it was great to see Brendan O’Carroll’s daughter, Fiona, in something other than Mrs Brown’s Boys.

It’s a series which I couldn’t fail but to watch in one sitting - I guess it’s a Page Turner in book terms - as each episode leaves something hanging for the next and you just have to get back in there to see what’s next. I guess if you know the story and outcomes it’s less likely to grip quite so much, but I didn’t, took a risk and it paid off. Very highly recommended.
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