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I'm enjoying this much more now that I've fiddled with Display settings and Font settings. Lost space for stuff and end up with the old 4 launchers at foot, but it's much more easy for my eyes.
Also made the keyboard taller - though I wish I could also increase the size of the letters.
I think this was part of the problem with the Nexus 5X - I could never get this stuff just right.
And no, Andrew (you know who you are!), I'm not using a 3rd party launcher or keyboard!
I still prefer in many ways the Moto Z and bigger screen, but I'm pleased to give the pixel another run.

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Don't think badly of me. I know I should know this, but I've been hunting high and low to find the controlling element of this Google Weather thingie. Can't remember how I got it onto home screen. It's not in Widgets. It's not an app. Brain dead! Advice please?

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"Boring", I hear you call. "Not another light", you bellow. But wait, because this is genuinely useful and 'bides within the realm of Whatever Works perfectly.

Out in the countryside, dark really is dark! So it's a light. Simple. Runs on 3 AA's and can be hung on a wall with the supplied sticky pad or screws. I found that the screws were a bit rubbish and don't trust stick pads outside so ended up using nails in the thick wood of my shed.

You can set it to be on, off or use a darkness/movement sensor to make sure that it only comes on when it's dark and you walk near it. Works perfectly every time. Stays on after movement ceases for 40 seconds, then off.

Not long had it in place, so can't report on battery life, nor the fact that it's not weather resistant. No doubt once the rain gets to it, it'll be done for. But clever bods could build it a mini-porch or make sure it's sheltered. But really at this price, if it does a year it's worth it.

The light given off is just right in terms of illumination, especially if it were mounted in a larder or cupboard, but I'm happy with it mounted on the shed so that when I approach I can see what I'm doing without stumbling around and ending bottoms up on the concrete!


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2016 couldn't even give us one month without losing someone

Goodbye Manuel. 


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Yes, I know. It's another Woody Allen crime comedy. But they're just such fun!

And in this one, Allen expertly casts Scarlett Johansson (for a second time, following Match Point) in the overenthusiastic role of a wide-eyed girl chasing an ideal, previously filled by Diane Keaton in Manhattan Murder Mystery, Love and Death and others, as they combine perfectly in a near-formulaic manner.

The two leads play off each other beautifully and as Allen feeds her with quips and one liners aplenty she's given the scope to throw back the banter, resulting in a comedy duo act that feels well polished and is a delight to watch.

The plot is complicated, as usual, but fluffy, and involves Allen playing around with life, love, crime, death, the afterlife and distaste. Allen plays a magician playing a London theatre and Johansson a student journalist visiting, a recently deceased journalist appearing from the grave with a Scoop of a story regarding murder and a privileged British family which needs infiltrating. All the strings are pulled together in a did-he-didn't-he chase orchestrated within a wrapper of fun and games, but more importantly, the super chemistry between the leads.

It's a gorgeous film which delights. By this stage Allen is getting on a bit and he sometimes appears to stumble, but it's smartly wrapped into the act of the ageing magician. And seeing him driving a Smart Car on the wrong side of the road is a gem!

Highly recommended.

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PSC 371
...on Sunday will feature +James Honeyball​ along with +Steve Litchfield​ and +Ted Salmon​ for plenty more chatter 😊

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Agreed. Filling up the trash files of Netflix, Amazon Video and the like...
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