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New Post. PPC Brand Bidding Advice. #PPC #Adwords

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5 Quick Wins for Paid Search Marketers #PPC

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If #googleanalytics  is your thing and you use it often ... this post will be your go to guide.

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Pretty cool infographic on digital marketing survey data. Was quite surprised that PPC was outsourced more than SEO!
If you, or your customers need a digital strategy, where do you start? 

Our new infographic and the free report attached gives a recommended structure: 

Great if you could share, or thanks if you have already!

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Knowing exactly which industries to target is so important in B2B. It's not like sales of consumer products where you can freely advertise anywhere. You have to be very specific when you're selling to businesses. #b2bmarketing

Personally see SEO coming harder and harder over the coming years. Soon it'll be PPC that'll be cheaper to invest in.. #futureofseo  

The more and more I learn about marketing and business in general. The more I come to realise that a lot of it is common sense and using your own intuition. #marketing   #business  

Good to see Google+ driving growth in social media. However, would mostly assume this is from a lot of the business and marketing community. Will be interesting to see how effective it is at stealing market share from Facebook and Twitter.

Old things are still working for ranking in search engines. Still wouldn't write off directories or press release links. You've just got to mix it up right and make sure they're of quality. #seotips  

You know you're going to be good at something when you'd rather read a book on that than anything else #marketingbusinessgeek
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