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Yeah, it got me too.
Oh man, I really gigglesnorted on this one.

h/t +Artemis Entreri 
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Partially true, I think. The male can only do that once [ ]:

"In some species, male octopuses have moved beyond the "reach". They just give the female their spermatophore-loaded mating arm, and swim away to safety.

Male argonaut octopuses are smaller than the females, and the male's hectocotylus [specialized mating arm] simply stays intact inside the female's mantle "until the female is ready to use the sperm for fertilization", Mather says."
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Ted Ewen

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Oh look another project for +Kyla Myers's copious free time...this one for her pool:
Use hula hoops to keep your swimming pool warm year-round using the sun. Thanks go to Edward Hujsak for the original article in MAKE, Volume 23. View the PDF of this project. and then subscribe to ...
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The closest I've come is using any heat source for Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration.  NFI what that is, but there ya go.
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Ted Ewen

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Silly Me
Due to health issues, I've been unable to attend a course I am on. I've been working to keep up with with the lesson plan and course materials, but could not for the life of me figure out why the text didn't agree with the info the instructor was providing. It turns out I've been working from the wrong text for the last 4 weeks.

It's not a total waste. At least the book was on the proper subject. :D

Time for the mantra: Silly Monkey
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Ted Ewen

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Hm, I wonder...
Any Squad Leader players out there?
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Went and looked at Vassal again +Johnny Zed - it's come along since I last looked at it. The module list has expanded quite a bit too.
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Ted Ewen

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I used to regularly check this out of the library as a child. I just loved it. Still do.
to-day we remember edward gorey, on what would have been his 90th birthday.  i have a friend named susan who is perpetually proud to have her name in this alphabet....
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+JD James That's grand. #BeardsAreAwesome 
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Ted Ewen

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Well that sounds like some good news
Municipal broadband networks could expand because of FCC's controversial vote.
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Ted Ewen

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These ambient noise generators are actually quite useful to me as a hermit. Music and video are too distracting. It's still too cold for open windows. Things are far too quiet with nothing. Murray Leinster sums it up pretty well, if fantastically:

The background tape began to make its unobtrusive sounds. In overdrive, of course, the Med Ship was wholly isolated from the normal universe of galaxies and stars. There was, in theory, only one conceivable way in which it could be affected by anything outside its own overdrive field, and that had never happened yet. So there could have been a sepulchral, nerve-racking silence in the small spacecraft but for such sounds as the background tape provided.

Those were trivial, those sounds. One had to pay close attention to hear them. There was the sound of rain, and of traffic, and of wind in treetops and voices too faint for the words to be distinguished, and almost inaudible music—and sometimes laughter. The background tape carried no information; only the assurance that there were still worlds with clouds and people and creatures moving about on them.

But sensory assurance of the existence of a real cosmos is as essential to a man's subjective health as hormones and enzymes to his body. Calhoun would have suffered from the lack of such noises if they'd stopped, but he paid no attention to them when they began.

from Med Ship by Murray Leinster (isfdb:

Coffitivity is my current favourite. 
Stream the sounds of a coffee shop at work! Coffitivity is the virtual tool to research showing moderate ambient noise helps enhance creative cognition!
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+Charles Strebor ahh! I'm gonna love it!
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Can not sleep. Time to break out a classic...
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A rare #cableicous   #tedscousin  by way of +Patrick Ng 
Playful Electrical Pylon Designs ... "The expansion of the power grid is an important part of a country’s development, but the electrical pylons or transmission towers - the huge steel structures that keep high voltage power lines aloft - are viewed by many as unsightly. As such, designers are looking at new ways to better integrate power poles in the urban and natural landscapes (see how some cell phone companies are disguising cell phone towers as trees). In 2011, the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the National Grid of UK held a "Pylon Design Competition" to find a design that has the potential to deliver power for future generation while preserving the beauty of the countryside. Similar completions are also held in other countries. While it might take a few years, decades even, to see any of these futuristic designs converted to reality, a few power companies are already trying out new designs that are clever without being too unpractical. ..."

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Ted Ewen

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As +Sébastien Dubois said...
This is my money, this is your pocket.
Please put my money in your pocket.
Despite the technological advances of the past 30 years (iPhones, Fitbit, Tinder), the trusty microwave has remained pretty much unchanged since it was first introduced back in 1967. googletag.cmd.push(function() else if ((widthWindow > = 375) &&...
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I hear ya, +stuart richman . Long may you make flavourful food.
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Ted Ewen

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This is great, congress, some big execs and some blue collars (given the 95%) should play some games and we should televise and see how mad they get at each other!
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I try to live my life in such a way that I do the least harm I can to the people around me while trying to add value to the world. I'm not particularly greedy, nor am I driven into pursuit of fame, or power, or renown.  I am driven by imagination. I am driven by compassion. I am driven by a combination of "What can we make to make things better?" and "What is over the next hill?". I am driven by curiosity.  I am driven by "How?". Most of all I am driven by "Why!?"

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Meanwhile, I am frantically looking for a way to open the console on this thing we call life. I've a couple of commands I'd like to run after I load an early save game...
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