We've done it!

TFORMer V7 was - finally - released! Some background infos:

We have worked hard to finish V7. The new release was delayed for some months mainly because of 2 reasons:

- We implemented a lot of features because of a custom project in the area of web-based hazardous label printing.
This cloud-based project is quite interesting and is already in production use at some customer-sites. More information on this topic will be released as soon as possible.
- The complete SDK documentation was reworked.
This was really a hard job. We unified the documentation of the various APIs for JAVA, NET, DLL and COM developers (thanks doxygen!).

Check out the blog-post: Stay tuned - we are already working on the next release of TFORMer!

Here is the download: http://www.tec-it.com/en/software/label-printing/Default.aspx
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